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Girl Scout Cookies & Wine

It's officially one of my favorite seasons - Girl Scout cookie season. Yaaaas! From Thin Mints to Samoas, Thanks-a-lots to Toffee-tastic, this is one delicious fundraiser that you won't have to ask me twice to participate in. Plus, there is a new flavor in town. This year, the Girl Scout's are celebrating 100 years of selling cookies and are introducing abrand new cookie addition to the delicious, get-in-my-belly line-up: the Girl Scout S’mores cookies. It gets even better - we're going to tell you exactly how to pair this new Girl Scout cookie flavor plus all your other favorites with wine!

Wine and Girl Scout Cookies

Let's be honest - Girl Scout cookies aren't too hard to find a culinary match for. They go well with your morning coffee, your midday iced tea and yes, your evening glass of wine. But why "suffer" through a sub-par pairing? For your next book club meeting, dinner party or girls' night in, pick up a few bottles of wine that are actually designed to complement your stash of Thin Mints. Which should be in your freezer, right? (Please tell me you keep them in the freezer too....)

Lucky for us, Vivino (my favorite wine app for getting reviews and tracking the best bottles) asked experienced sommeliers to do some GS cookie and wine matchmaking. Their experts (and really, how can I get on this tasting panel?!) put together a list of cookie-wine pairings that will help make your cookie and wine each shine - plus all the recommended wines are under $25.

Wine and Girl Scout Cookies

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S'mores: Let's start with a wine pick for the brand new S'mores cookie. There are two different varieties of the new s’mores cookie, the sandwich cookie and the chocolate covered graham—this is because Girl Scouts have always had two separate bakers (hence the Caramel DeLites/Samoas, and so on) and both ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers did their own interpretation of a s’more. To match with the combo of graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow, sommelier Laura Burgess recommends a Madeira. "This Portuguese dessert wine is caramelized, sweet, and incredibly delicious. Toasted almond, butterscotch and dried fruit flavors elevate the graham cracker and chocolate without overpowering the fluffy marshmallow filling," explains Laura. Even better, she says? Madeira never goes bad, so if you don't finish the bottle with your bag of cookies, you can save it for your next actual s'more making experience.

Thin Mints: Mmmmm - my personal favorite. I was of course glad to see the sommelier Courtney Schiesslpaired it with one of my favorite wines - a bold Australian Cab. "The region of Coonawarra in South Australia produces especially eucalyptus-flavored versions of Cabernet Sauvignon. The bold, dark cherry fruit and vanilla flavors from new oak stand up to chocolate, while the eucalyptus highlights the cookie’s characteristic mintiness," she says. Chocolate + mint + bold red wine = heaven.

Curious about how your own favorite Girl Scout cookie pairs up? Check out the entire list below. And then get to tasting! These pairs definitely should be "verified" by your own taste buds.

Vivino's Pairing Girl Scout Cookies and Wine

What's your favorite cookie + wine pairing?

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We are available for hire for future cookie and wine taste-testing.

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