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Cocktails Delivered - Shaker & Spoon Box

Are you an adventurous drinker or do you tend to stick to your tried-and-trues? It can definitely be intimidating to try a new cocktail or liquor. While your drink cart is probably already are stocked with a basic vodka and tequila that, let's be honest, you can mix with just about anything, there are other bottles (cachaça? amber rum?) that might take a bit more imagination or direction.

Shaker & Spoon

This is why I was intrigued by the Shaker & Spoon cocktail club. Think Blue Apron for booze. This subscription service highlights a different alcohol each month, helping you get to know your new BFF libation by giving you the ingredients needed to make three different cocktails with the alcohol of the month. (Note: the box does NOT include the actual bottle of alcohol. Curious why? Read here.)

Shaker & Spoon

I jumped at the chance to try out this month's box featuring Campari. I can't say that I'd ever had Campari before, but I love that instead of just getting to try one Campari cocktail, I got the experience of creating three different flavor combos that feature it.

Shaker & Spoon

My Shaker & Spoon box included all the ingredients to make three Campari cocktails developed by mixologists and restaurants all over the U.S.: Marbles in the Garden, Where I May Foam, and Grave & Bramble. The directions were simple and easy to follow and since all the ingredients (minus the alcohol) arrive in the box, I had everything I needed right at hand.

Shaker & spoon

Each box includes enough ingredients to make four of each of the three different kinds of cocktails, so it's a fun activity to do with another couple over for dinner or a girl's night in. I also think a Shaker & Spoon box would be an awesome anniversary or birthday gift (hint, hint).

Shaker & Spoon
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The chance to try three different cocktails with the same central ingredients was a fun way to get to explore a new flavor. Campari is often used as a digestif and has a mild herby, slightly medicinal undertone. I really enjoyed it mixed with ginger beer, blackberry-honey syrup and bitters in the Grove & Bramble.

Shaker & Spoon

Interested in giving it a try? Order now to secure your October box now at which highlights Mezcal. Tequila—and mezcal especially—has long been the domain of mostly small, family run distilleries, but, especially with the popularity of mezcal in recent years, large companies are coming in and starting to take over the production process and using their influence to stop these small farms and distillers from exporting their product as tequila or mezcal through government regulations.


A portion of the proceeds from all October Shaker & Spoon boxes will go to supporting the Tequila Interchange Project "a non-profit organization that advocates for the preservation of sustainable, traditional and quality practices in the industries of agave distilled spirits." Guaranteed to be good for small mezcal producers AND your Friday night.


Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive a sample box.





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