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Safety Resolutions For The New Year

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Safety Resolutions

Why are New Year’s resolutions so hard to keep? The answer is definitely multi-faceted but not complicated. One of the biggest culprits of failure is that people set their resolutions up as long term goals, but fail to set short term goals directing them to the end result. Long term goals (lose weight, get promoted, earn X amount of income, be home more for the kids, get ripped, date the end of the next year) are empty and directionless without short term goals.

For New Year’s resolution to succeed, we are happy to share some safety tips from self-defense expert Jarrett Arthur that are broken up into monthly goals. You can even go a step further and break it up into weekly and even daily goals. The two most important pieces of the puzzle are (1) having challenging yet attainable short term goals that are clearly defined, and (2) that you consistently re-evaluate your short terms goals and modify as needed. Check out how to have a safe and happy new year.

1 Yearly Goal:
Exist in the world in a safer way by the end of 2014.

12 Monthly Goals:

Complete one safety related activity every month such as...

  • Take a self-defense class or workshop
  • Enroll the kids in a self-defense class or workshop
  • Read a personal safety book (“The Gift of Fear” is a great one)
  • Toxic waste disposal day for old batteries, paint, medications, etc.
  • Put together an emergency preparedness kit for natural disasters
  • Write down a fire/intruder escape plan for every room in the house
  • Replace one favorite cleaning product with a non-toxic equivalent
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52 Weekly Goals:
Learn something new about safety every week, such as...

  • Read one article about crime, self-defense, or personal safety
  • Watch a short training video online and practice some moves
  • Research an important safety conversation topic to have with your kids
  • Have that important safety conversation with your kids

365 Daily Goals:

Pick an easy behavior that can quickly become a daily habit, such as...

  • Don’t talk on your cell phone as you approach or exit your car or home
  • Lock vehicle and exterior house doors as soon as you close them
  • Watch your garage door or gate close completely before you drive away
  • Don’t hold the door to your apartment complex open for strangers
  • Encourage your kids to “walk tall” and pay attention to their surrounding
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