Celebrate Summer with a Super Cool Helmet

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This summer we have been ditching the stroller in lieu of some physical activities on wheels via bikes and scooters. Helmets are necessary to protect my daughter's head, but as she is getting old (ok, she is only 4) I am finding that she is getting increasingly picky about what to wear. Since helmets are a MUST, I was thrilled when she loved her Buggins Raskullz that features a bright red and pink ladybug compete with a 3D antenna.

Designed for kids three to seven-years-old, these unique 3D elements are included with every helmet such as a dorsal fin for Shark Attax, a spiky "do" for Go-Rilla or bunny ears for Brainy Bunny - that are all made of Raskullz's super soft, patented rubber-based material -bringing the characters to life right on your kids head.

Celebrate Summer with a Super Cool Helmet

Combining creativity, functionality and cool three dimensional designs, the brand also adheres to the best safety practices that meet the guidelines established under the Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards, kids and parents alike will love the features of the Radkullz helmets. I also loved their mantra of "Protect the Head - Inspire the Imagination" a message that includes a back story for each character including a birthdate, interests (some of which are charming; while others are off-beat), and food preferences that allow kids to identify with each unique character.

For budding bikers out there, Raskullz also has a line of 3D Bikes(check out this cool bike video here). Every 16" bike comes with molded elements that energize each ride and bring it vibrantly to life including:

  • Not Your Ho-Hum Handlebar: Every Raskullz handlebar is tricked out with that bike's signature character which does double duty as the bike's mascot and as a functional compartment for stashing treasures, snacks, action figures, a water bottle and more.
  • Revved Up Ring-a-Ling: Whether it's shark chompers or T-Rex teeth, kids will warn upcoming traffic with a bell that's way beyond the basic.
  • Awesome Accessories: Different color front and back wheels, 3-D grips, decorated spikes, training wheels, handle bar streamers - every inch of the unique Raskullz bike has been souped up for the ultra-radical design fans have come to expect from this ground-braking brand.
  • His and Her: T-Rad Rex and Shark Attax for the boys, Cutie Cat and Sparkle Heart the Unicorn for the girls-or let them pick and surprise you!

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