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Those of us with little ones know how important home safety is. We drive ourselves crazy over baby proofing, but we just may be missing some hazards that we see every day, but might not think about as being dangerous when we're making our homes safer for our children. Did you know that ninety percent of poisonings occur inside the home? That's a frightening statistic!

We had the opportunity to delve deeper into home safety with parenting and lifestyle expert, Rosie Pope, who has partnered with Tide and Gain to create safe homes and, specifically, laundry rooms. There are "dangers in places we may not think about every day," as Rosie put it. Is the laundry room something you focused on while baby proofing? I sure plan on taking a closer look at my own now!


Another great tip that Rose had was to "have the number of your pediatrician and posion control out printed in different rooms of your house like the laundry room." Why not start there when conducting periodic safety checks of your home? If you aren't doing so already, make sure you start making those safety checks a part of your routine! Rosie suggests getting down on your child's level to see what they're faced with when they're walking or crawling around.

Once, you've done the safety check, Rosie, Tide and Gain have a great rule of thumb for you to live by..."Up, Up & Away," which essentially means that higher is better. Make sure things like household cleaners, laundry detergents and pacs, medicines etc. are up out of the reach of little hands. Going a step further and locking up dangerous items is ideal.

Rosie's message is don't stop looking for ways to make your home safer! Her final words of advice were, "to never become complacent. There's no one product out there that's bad. There's stuff everywhere. Realize you do have to constantly be aware of your environment. It's an ongoing project."

For more household safety tips, visit HERE.

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