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Child Safety Products by Brickhouse


Brickhouse Security is a well known and trusted name offering a full range of security products. Brickhouse is now offering a line of products specifically designed with parenting mind. Becoming a parent is one of THE best gifts I've been given but it is also the one that is laden with the greatest responsibility, set of worries and an antennae for danger.

Brickhouse has a host of products to help quell some of those fears and keep kids safe, as well as protected from the many dangers that threaten them.

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With summer rapidly approaching, many days will be spent in swimming pools. I grew up with a pool and now take my children to my parent's house to swim in their pool multiple times a week. Although we practice pool safety and are extremely cautious, I still worry that my younger child will wander near the pool.

She is very curious and not as cautious as my older child. We travel to lakes, swim in friend's pools and always carry the fear of drowning with me. I know that by using the Brickhouse Swimming Pool Alarm, I'll feel much more comfortable knowing that I've taken extra measure to keep my little one safe. The alarm is portable making it great for travel, and the wrist watch looking device is adjustable features an adorable turtle so children will not mind keeping it on. The alarm instantly alerts you if a child or even your pet submerges in water.

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The audio alert is loud, the tags are waterproof, and the battery is set to last 3 -4 years. The Brickhouse swimming pool alarm has a wireless range of 200 ft. and is easy to set-up, requiring ZERO installation. The unit is available online and retails for $199.95

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The Nightowl iPod Docking Station DVR is a discreet way to monitor your home or office providing hours of high-resolution (720 X 240) video. The NightOwl iPod Docking Station DVR switches to infrared recording when in low-light conditions or total darkness.

The NightOwl can capture video up to 30 feet away. This iPod docking station is great for use when you're away for the night, or need a little reassurance at the office. This sleek looking, undercover monitoring system lets you charge your iPod/i Phone and play your favorite tunes but offers a unique surveillance camera to monitor, save, and review video footage all in one device. The NightOwl system comes with the docking station, 2GB SD card and SD reader, RCA cables and a remote. I am not tech savvy and I found it easy to set up, and use. The instructions are easy to comprehend and the software easy to install. It features continuous, scheduled, or motion sensor and you can use the device itself to playback the video or the software to use on your home computer. The NightOwl iPod Docking Station is available online and retails for $650.00.

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