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Maggie Gyllenhaal Got Milk? Ad


Today we were on hand for the Milk Mustache BIG REVEAL--the newest celebrity to sport the iconic white mustache. Lucky me! Maggie Gyllenhaal is such a talent and a great pick for the campaign. A fellow Brooklyn mom, I always felt that Maggie and I could hang at the playground given a chance.

Well, I got my shot! After the press photos, and a demo on DIY lattes, I gathered with a group of bloggers (including Cassie who won a blogger contest) to chat with Maggie.

Maggie & Me

First, the fashion (priorities, priorities). In the ad, Maggie picked her own dress--vintage YSL. We approve. Annie Leibovitz shot the ad--the jaunty beret was Annie's idea, and her hat. Now the look was very ooh-la-la.

When the real press vacated the scene, Maggie pulled up a chair to chat milk and motherhood. Her family is a big bunch of milk drinkers. Her 5-year-old daughter (Ramona) and husband (actor Peter Sarsgaard) put away most of the milk in the house, but Maggie does enjoy a bowl of cereal or a latte.

She's so down-to-earth. We talked about favorite chapter books--right now she is working on The Little House series. Like me, she can only stand so much of the "let's play sisters game"--she prefers to spend time with her daughter cooking, reading and traveling.

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I loved her take on her career. Her daughter thinks all Maggie does is go into hair and makeup since she rarely goes on set to see Maggie act. Like all working moms, Maggie struggles to find balance. She feels pretty control when she is NYC-based, but once she is on location shooting with 16 hour days, 10 days in a row her commitment to exercise flags. Even Maggie can't find the 25th hour in the day.

perfect latte

In addition to a great chat with a favorite actress, I also learned how to make a latte. Time to share the wealth:


8 oz. milk (nonfat works best for getting good froth)
2 shots espresso
cinnamon for topping


Steam milk (microwave is fine). Pour heated milk into tall glass and add brewed espresso. Spoon on a thin layer of foam on top. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

How to get the foam? A whisk works, but so does putting a little heated milk in a mason jar and shake, shake, shake.

To learn more about the importance of milk in your family's diet visit

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