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I’ve Joined the #WingMama Squadron

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Red Baron. All opinions are our own.

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I just earned my "mom badge." Seriously, it's like Girl Scouts all over again, but this time I'm being rewarded for getting the kids to bed on time and making my family a delicious hot meal--that they'll actually eat without complaint! (The kids brushed their teeth for two whole minutes?!... Get this mom the oral-hygiene badge of honor!)

wing mama patches

I tease, but these really are the signs of a fruitful #momlife day. When the kids are playing together, happily (oh miracle of miracles!)... when my husband and I can sneak out to the patio for a glass of wine... when we're all sitting together at the dinner table and talking and laughing and actually EATING the food in front of us... This is what success looks like! And THIS is when I feel like I'm actually winning at this little thing called parenthood.

Of course, these pinnacle moments of mom glory are fleeting and surrounded by bickering and bribing and whining and crying and sandwiched between epic mayhem and manic meltdowns. Indeed, the struggle is real, but it's all worth it to see those smiling, silly, sweet faces staring back at me... Even if it is only lasts for a few minutes.

red baron baroness
eat more pizza pillow

Speaking of happy occasions—a few weeks ago, I joined Red Baron pizza to celebrate the launch of their new Wing Mama campaign. The new Baroness "spokesmom" celebrates mamas who are strapped for time, babysitters, and sanity, by giving them a boost of confidence, a knowing nod, and an easy mealtime solution.

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In addition to being treated to a Red Baron manicure and makeover at the event, I got to taste test all of their signature products--and my goodness, was I pleased! I had no idea that frozen pizza could taste so fresh and satisfying! Better yet, I was outfitted to join the official #WingMama Squadron: a leather bomber jacket with custom-selected patch badges to represent my suit of armor; awesome aviators, perfect for hiding tired eyes from all those sleepless nights (what you don’t wear shades when you eat dinner?); and a long red scarf to conceal stains or double as an emergency toddler tissue and makeshift baby blanket.

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custom leather bomber

My custom Wing Mama jacket is probably my favorite new closet addition. Worn over a simple tee, it creates an instant outfit that fuses my sense of fashion with my sense of humor. I was able to select the patches that best fit my personality and parenting mantras. My picks: “Mothers Slay”—because, in fact, we do. Every day. We slay dragons, big and small, for our kids and still manage to get dinner on the table on time—we’re killin’ it! Don’t ever tell yourself otherwise. I went with “Mom Has Spoken”—because my kids call me the “ruler” of the house—and I’ve got to admit, I kinda like it. Of course, the “Over It” patch speaks to the exhausted mama in me—and it’s true that by 5 PM, you can just go ahead and stick a fork in me. Likewise, the “Ask Your Dad,” patch is fitting—because once Daddy’s home, Mommy goes a break. Speaking of which, the “Me Time,” wine patch is my absolute favorite of all! Because, well, wine! “Pizza for Peace,” is my mealtime mantra, and the “Where’s My Phone” patch, hidden on the inner lining couldn’t be more appropriate—as my perpetual state of mom-brain causes me to lose everything but the head on my shoulders.

red baron pizza

Naturally, since becoming a bonafide Wing Mama, Red Baron pizza has become a designated weekly dinner in our home. PIZZA NIGHT! It's delicious, easy, and ready in no time--which is key in our hectic household. Our favorite is the classic crust--it's not too thick, not too thin, and has the perfect bite and crunch we crave.

Embrace Your Inner #WingMama

Whenever I make it, the kids quiet down as soon as they smell it cooking in the oven, they voluntarily wash their hands, and then congregate around the dining table. Suddenly, I feel like I'm channeling the Baroness; that our squadron is together and I no longer need to fly solo! I feel like I can tackle anything—winning!

Yes, I've got this motherhood thing in the bag... at least for the next five to ten minutes while we eat! Bliss--I'll take it.

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