Wipe out sunburn


While racing through the aisles at NYC's Gift Show I came across a terrific new skincare product called Shady Day. They make a cloth wipe that is packed with SPF 30 sun protection. The pluses: the sunscreen doesn't smell like bubble gum, it's applies easily and comes in handy single-use packaging.

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I swabbed on some of the lotion and was pleased with the light citronella scent. As I touched my arm I noticed my skin wasn't left sticky. I can only imagine that lubing up my daughter will be a lot less stressful with these wipes (though I do love the way the traditional lotion, Nature's Gare Giggleberry smells on her). And the convenient travel size is perfect for slipping into a beach tote or diaper bag.

Here's some more practical information: Active ingredients are Actocrylene 10%, Actinoxate 7.5% and Oxybenzone 3%. 5 packs sell for $10.

And remember, just because it's almost time to head back to school, doensn't mean you cna forget about getting a damaging sun burn. Stock up on supplies and protect yourself and your kids.

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