Way Cool Bunk Bed from Argington

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Bunk beds are a real space saver. They used to be fairly hideous, and relegated to rowdy/messy boys rooms. Nowadays parents don't have to sacrifice an ounce of style when opting for a vertical sleeping solution for their kids.

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The Uffizi bed from Argington was just introduced at the spring Contemporary Furniture Fair. Made from sustainable hard wood and birch ply, the bed can be interpreted in feminine or masculine ways depending upon your bedding choices. The walnut and white finish will make any child's room appear fresh and crisp while giving the kids more space to play and work. Toddlers will benefit from the "low to the ground" design on the lower bunk (and yes, guard rails are available)

You won't find it on Arnginton's Web site yet, but if you call or email them, you'll find out when and where you can find this gorgeous piece. The cost is projected at $1850.

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