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Now that there are spring hikes and strolls on the calendar, I’m looking to summer beach days. I know, I’m just never satisfied am I. Get through one season and I’m on to the next. Don’t ask how I actually wished for fall the other day when I saw a pumpkin patch in a movie.

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With the beach comes the eternal questions – where do I put this, that and the other thing? IMO the smaller the things are, the harder they are to carry. Have a big bottle of sunscreen? Put it into your beach bag. Sweater for when the sun goes behind the clouds? Put it into your beach bag. License, house key, cash and credit card for chicken fingers, snowcones and bottled water from the snack counter? Um…well, I really have no idea where to put those. If they go into the beach bag they have the potential to float around and potentially fall out. And the last thing I want to do is bring a bag to put into my bag. That’s just overkill.

That’s why I almost fell over when I heard of the genius behind SlotFlops. Each pair of these new launched flip flops carries up to six cards (three in each sole), cash, a key or other items in their flexible soles. They’re waterproof and have plenty of support in the thin, flexible cushioned arch contour.

I was doubtful of the waterproof, so I splashed around in a puddle with my license inside (didn't want to waste a $20 if they didn't work). It was dry as a bone.

The SlotFlops come in black, brown, blue and orange for men, while women flip flop down the street in violet blue, green and orange (my favorite). The colors are brightly on the band, whereas the logo is nicely subtle.

Other places I plan on using these – when we take our annual family cruise (who wants to carry a purse around a ship?) and when we hit the cabana at the local pool.

This functional footwear was created by Matt Potts and Paul Bardwil with the core mission to "help you fill your sole with what is essential to your life.” Clever.

Next time we hit the beach, I’m taking my sole mate.

SlotFlops are available at for $25.95.

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