Pulse Slither Scooter Delivers Kid Powered Fun

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According to the Kaiser Foundation the amount of time young people spend with entertainment media has risen. Are you ready for the scary statistics? Average kids ages 8-18 year-olds devote an average of almost EIGHT HOURS A DAY to using entertainment media. This includes smart phones, television, tv, and video games. Here at Momtrends we want to focus on kid-powered fun like this Pulse Slither Scooter.

Brooke Stewart, our resident tech guru has two active boys. She took on this testing project:

After finally putting this scooter together (it took a few attempts at trial and error as the directions were not very clear) our tester was ready. His first comment was "where is the brake?" He's absolutely right, there is no brake on this scooter. But this scooter is much different from the Razors and Kickboard scooters seen all around our neighborhood. It is built more like a snowboard or skateboard in feel and size. The back board is very large. There are two large front wheels for balance and one small back wheel that helps move the board side-to-side. As a parent whose child has not mastered snowboarding or skateboarding, I was thrilled to see that you could control the amount of swiveling the board does. So, in the beginning you can set it on the tightest setting and gradually loosen the tightness over time.

Despite the large size and seemingly awkwardness of this scooter, our tester was off and running after just a few tries. It seems very easy to use and intense fun. With just a few pushes off his foot, he learned to control the scooter by leaning to one side or the other and by moving the handle bars side-to-side to keep the scooter moving.

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Of course, he is begging me to loosen up the board so it will "slither" more and is anxious to go down big hills. I'm sending my husband out there for test #2. If you have room to store this scooter (it is big) and your child is at least 7 years old and loves to scooter & skateboard - this is a fun and different scooter for the summer. 

We say go green and opt for more toys that get kids outside and moving. Buy the Pulse Slither on Amazon $59.99

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