Potty Training Tips


It's official we are now smack dab in the middle of potty training. My little one is now stripping off her diaper whenever she gets the chance, loudly (and proudly) announcing her bodily functions and 100% fascinated with the bathroom activities. Time to take a deep breath and jump back into the potty trianing waters. Thankfully we've got the support of BabyBjörn.

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With daughter #1 we used the BABYBJÃ?RN Toilet Trainer($22.99) and we had success within a few months. This is a plastic seat that sits on the toilet (see the pink picture on the right) so that a wee butt doesn't fall in. The design is small and portable--perfect for urban parents. And it worked like a charm. The only drawback? You need a step stool(and they sell those too). I think the approach of using a sticker reward chart, keeping the pressure low and giving heaps of praise with the successes worked well for us.

This time a round we are using the same psychological approach, but adding the Baby Bjorn Smart Potty ($19.95). The new potty is a free-standign device. The tot sits on the pot and does his stuff. The wee pot is cut and light and kids have a magnetic attraction to the perfectly-sized seat.

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The trouble is my daughter thinks it is a bit of a game. She loves sitting on the seat but thinks I am teasing her when I ask her to pee she starts giggling hysterically. So far, no luck with this seat, but we have had success yet again with the Toilet Trainer. I still think it is worth a shot getting this small portable potty. I like that the removable inner potty is easy to clean. But maybe this looks too much like a toy. We might just go back to the original seat that gave us a diaper-free kid at 26 months. Wish me luck with one of my New Year's resolutions--no more diapers!

Baby Bjorn did not pay for this post. The potty was sent for review purposes only.

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