OtterBox Defender Series Smartphone & Tablet Covers Review


If my child drops my iPhone one more time, she won'??t have to worry about Angry Birds. It'??ll be angry mommy. Not as fun as the game.

When I got my iPad2, I had inscribed on it '??Mine. Mine. All Mine.'? Sure, I'??m going to teach my daughter about sharing. Just not with my iPad. But there she is. With her little four-year-old hands reaching out for it. How am I ever going to defend my techy toys?

Enter the Defender Series from OtterBox, a smart choice in smartphone cover protection. These cases are made of a clear protective membranes, high-impact polycarbonate shell and durable silicone. So it protects your screen from scratches, phone from bumps, and ports from sticky solutions like juice.

I checked out the iPhone case (see above in pink and black of course'?¦no need to sacrifice style). This three-layer design is one major shield of armor against most accidents. There's a clear shield for the screen, a snap-together plastic shell for the body, and then a silicone cover you slip over the main frame. It'??s sleek, comfortable to hold and completely encases my precious phone in rugged protection.


I started to feel a little more confident about the future relationship with my daughter and iPad when I saw the tablet cover. It's a force to be reckoned with. Its assembly isn'??t very intuitive (read: hubby and I looked at it like confused monkeys for a while...the directions weren't very clear), but once it'??s on, that sucker isn'??t going anywhere. Which means I might'?¦just might'?¦allow the little one some iPad time. The clip-on touch screen cover also has a fold-out stand (perhaps for watching Tangled).

iPhone 3/3G and 4 Defender Series cases are available for $39.95-$49.95, and iPad cases for $89.95 on

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