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It's been a delightful weekend full of crafts, cooking and testing (plus lots of fun outdoors). All these projects have meant tons of hand washing. So its a good thin Simplehuman sent me their new motion sensor soap dispenser ($29.99). My first impression: Why the heck would I want a soap dispenser that requires four AA batteries! But then I got to thinking...
every time I touch the soap dispenser I am spreading germs. If I can get the soap going without touching the dispenser I just might be better off.

The dispenser looks modern and sleek--it's a little top heavy when not filled to the top. And it does work well. Simply place your hands under the pump and you get a gentle stream of soap. The kids thought this was a very novel contraption. I'm still not sold--I really don't need anything else that requires batteries, but if you are really into gadgets this might appeal to you. Oh, you can also use it for handsanitizer and lotion. I tested the smaller model the simplehuman studio Sensor Automatic Soap Dispenser comes in other styles.

Simplehuman did not pay for this review. Product was provided for testing purposes only.

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