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Momtrends always strives to be greener. From my no more plastic bottle pledge (haven't placed and order since January!) to green toys, I like to set a good example for the kids. So when Marcalcontacted me to try a Small Steps Starter Kit I said sure.

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Small Steps is a line of paper products made from 100% recycled paper--junk mail, magazines, catalogs--all the stuff we send out to be recycled. The package I got to test had paper towels, toilet tissue, paper napkins and tissues.

Paper Towels:The best of the bunch. They are absorbent and rugged enough for most spills. I tend to use rags for heavy duty cleaning and paper towels only occasionally. I feel good picking this greener option.
Luncheon Napkins:I opt for fabric napkins most days--even in the kids lunches. But when packing for a picnic, road trip or other outdoor adventure, I like these napkins. They provided good lap cover.
One-Ply Bathroom Tissue: This brand certainly won't clog your toilet. It's pretty thin, but I'm sure I ended up using less paper overall by skipping the two-ply I normally use for this one. Is it as soft as my normal brand? Nope. But it is 100% recycled.

Overall, I see a lot of value in this brand and will try to make the switch as often as possible.

Momtrends was given this product for testing purposes only. Marcal did not pay for this review.

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