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Are you in a crunch to get an incredible costume? If you're like me and craft-challenged, you'll want to get acquainted with Little Adventures. These dress-up clothes are a value: Buy the costume for Halloween and know that your child will enjoy dressing up long after the last m&m; is consumed.

I first saw Little Adventures at the NYC toy show. I'd examined about a dozen dress-up vendors before I found one that met my standards. The quality really stood out. As it turns out, two moms started the brand about seven years ago. Like this mom, they were few up with itchy facbrics and do a lousy sewing. These moms finshing seam and making closures look nice. All of the Little Adventures outfits were not only easy to slip on and off, they were extremely high quality.

What esle did I love? The costumes are washable (hurrah). I picked up Yellow Beauty Dress Up ($26.99; Belle would be mighty envious of this dress). The yellow gown shown is made of sparkly organza overlay, highlighted with red roses, drapes over a yellow china silk underskirt. The collar is trimmed with shimmery organza and the waist is accented with red roses. The yellow crushed velvet bodice is stretchy to accommodate most body sizes.

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I also love the Pink Parisian Princess Costume ($26.99) and matching Doll Parisian (my daughter dresses up be baby doll and parades around like a queen!) and the Kids'?? Little Adventures Superhero Cape ($14.99; for boys guests and for days where my daughter wants to give the princess act a rest).

Buy these for Halloween. Buy them for Christmas gifts. Know that you will get your money's worth and then some. I am not exagerating when I say, we use these creations EVERY DAY.

Little Adventures did not pay for this post. Products were received for testing purposes only.

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