Kodak Zi8 Review


A few weeks ago I told you I got a new Zi8 to test. The folks at Kodak gave this to me with no strings attached...no promise of ANY review let alone a good one. Well, bye bye Flip Mino. You'll be going up on eBay soon. I'm in love with my new Kodak Digital Video Camera.

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I've been using the 720p setting and find it gives very good videos--perfect for when I post things on the blog or youtube. There is the option to use 1080p which will look awesome on your HDTV.

What I like: Feels great in my hand (shaped like a cellphone), intuitiveinstructions (in fact I never read all the way through them), excellent quality of video AND still images, easy uploading. Works much better in poor lighting than the Flip.

To see the quality, check out the Britax review here. This was shot in a noisy, shady setting--no way would the Flip given me images this good! And this post has both images and video form the Zi8.

What I don't like: Wish it came with a portable microphone (I'm going to have to buy one) the sound can be a bit faint at times. The USB connection is floppy. By this I mean, when you hook the camera up to a computer it looks unstable. Doesn't ship with a memory card (but it does have a small amount if internal memory).

Buy Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera on Amazon.com $179.99

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