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15 great crafts all in one box. Seems like the perfect solution to the long school-free holidays that are coming up. The KidsBusyBox Company sent me a Fall Collection box to test out and I got busy gluing and coloring with the kids over the weekend.
The first craft we tried was the T is for Turkey. It included colored feathers, beads and a sturdy turkey form to decorate. I was a bit miffed that I needed to supply my own crayons and markers (the box says EVERYTHING is included), and we were away from home so I had to run out to a local kids store to spend $10 on markers and glue (it's a high-end kids store what can I say!)

Back at home with glue and markers in hand we got busy tracing the T and then gluing on the feathers. All in about 20 minutes of fun. The next day we tackled the Kitty Whisker project. My daughter painted the "whiskers" (q tips) black with the black paint and paintbrush (both in the kit). As the whiskers dried we colored in the cat (a rainbow cat, naturally). Then when the whiskers were dry, we glued them on the cat. Excellent. You can scoop Fall sets on sale now for $18.99

My 4 y.o. adores this craft kit. And I'm much more likely to participate in crafts when all the supplies are gathered. The Winter Busy Box is now for sale ($21.99) My advice don't head to grandmas house without this and stock up on a few before the long winter break. The winter box also include 15 crafts, from Eskimos to Chinese lanterns.

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