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It's seven degrees outside. I'd have liked nothing more than to sit by the fire all day and sip cocoa, but Fitness Month goes on. So I laced up my new K-Swiss Tubes for a little mid-day roadwork while the girls napped and hubby tended to the fire. This lightweight running shoe was a happy surprise for me.

At $75 this shoe is less than half the price of the Nike Air Max I had been buying and delivered a supportive and well-cushioned run. As I understand it, the shoe is designed with cushioning tubes built into the sole. The larger tubes are located on the heal and they get gradually small up to the toe. The "tubes" are cylinders that absorb impact. Indeed, my narrow and rather bony heels felt great on my run. Plus, the shoe was very flexible--ideal for the hilly run I tackled today.

This running mom is psyched to have found a pair of running shoes that will trim the budget and keep my feet happy. K-Swiss tubes give me one fewer excuse to get in my way of triathlon training this winter!

K-Swiss did not pay for this review. They sent me a pair of shoes to road test with no strings attached (that's the way we roll here at Momtrends).

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