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I've been logging some serious mileage with my newJoggster X Jogging Stroller. This is an ultimate luxury vehicle for fit moms. Trends for Kids has set out to make working out with baby in tow easy, fun and stylish. I've been putting this stroller through the paces and have the 411.

Set up was fairly easy. I had this beauty unboxed and road-ready in about 15 minutes. My one complaint is that the cross bar is extremely hard to adjust and install. The Joggster is loaded with storage pockets--great for outings but don't load too much in if you intend to jog (the stroller weighs in at 28 lbs--on the heavy side). On-the-go moms will appreciate the nimble handling--I adore the simple one-handed steering motion made it easy to manuever.

As for baby, the shocks are extraordinary (better than my Honda CRV that's for sure)--my 2 y.o. was treated to one smooth ride. The canopy is nice and wide providing ample protection for baby. The seat material is substantial, and the width is roomy--ideal for larger kids. A 5-point harness keeps the little people tucked safe inside. The seat adjusts with a zipper--I prefer a recline with various settings. I found the closures a bit stiff at first, but they did get softer with time.

If you invest in this stroller, you'll likely want to add on the purchase of city wheels and a wind shield. This is the stroller to help you meet your resolutions and fitness goals.

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