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We gave up on land lines a few years ago and only used our cellphones. Now that we have regular babysitters, we need a land line and so I sought out VTech, a leader in the world of phones according to Shop Smart magazine.

VTech sent me the Cordless Phone with Bluetooth and Phone Book Uploadto test out. This phone system simply is amazing. The VTech DS6321-3 ($99.95) comes with three handsets, has clarity is excellent and looks good. But that's the easy part. What rocks is that the DS6321 downloaded my entire cellphone directory in a matter of seconds and syncs up with my cell phone when I am at home. 

Though I am fairly tech-savvy, I will attest set up of this phone and the directory is quite easy and should not stump a technophobe. The directory can handle two accounts, so Mr. Momtrends and I are all set (we entered about 2000 numbers--it'll take up to 6000). Now whenever I get a call at home, I have a caller id. If I don't know the number we don't answer. The set also features a digital answering service and an easy to read display. Momtrends gives this phone system a huge thumbs up!

Momtrends was not paid for this review. Product was shipped for testing purposes only.

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