Great Mobiles for the Nursery

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A mobile serves two purposes to entertain and to please the eye. A perfect accessory for even the tiniest space, a mobile can instantly liven up a room. I've got two recommendations for colorful and lively baby mobiles:

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Kushies Crib Carousel (above): I set this up for my two-month-old daughter and actually got a 30-minute yoga session completed. She was so engaged with the animals she lost track of time. I consider this a win-win addition to her room. The mobile has 5 zolo animals and plenty of mirrors to keep baby happy. Bright colors and creative characters make this a welcome addition to any nursery. I like all the plush fabric used in the construction. $60

Tiny Love Symphony-in-Motion Mobile Farm Yard (left): This mobile also serves up music (by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven) to lull you baby into sweet sleep. I like the motion of the mobile--it's set off at an angle. It's another vibrant creation, but this isn't for everyone. It require batteries and has some hard plastic pieces. $39.99

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