GoSwype Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


My kid’s fingers are sticky. Not news to you as a mom. But I can’t point sticky fingers. She has an excuse. She’s five. What’s my excuse when my fingers are sticky? I guess it’s usually when I’m near my kid. I’ll blame her. Or I could blame the cookie dough, the Play-doh, the goop that comes off of the back of temporary tattoos, the leave-in hair conditioner, etc.

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Unfortunately, usually our hands are sticky near my iPhone or iPad. Because, similar to how you have an itch five seconds after you paint your nails, it seems I have a call or something during these times when that we're arm-deep in sticky stuff.

This of course leads to some nasty, slimy build-up on those touchscreens. And wet paper towels just don’t cut it. Something just says “no” to me about putting anything wet on these beloved items.

So I was very excited to find out about GoSwype Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. Since microfiber fabric is the industry-recommended material for safely cleaning your hi-tech touchscreen glass, they said why not make it cool? They put these gentle cloths into their own little resealabe sleeves and covered them in fun patterns. One of my favorites is the Lips, reminding me of how you might close a lover's note. Others See No Evil, radioactive symbol and sexy leopard print. So you can just pull them out and clean whatever you need to--your laptop, glasses, iPad, child...OK, not your child.

There's one beef I have about these adorable little cleansing cloths. They're just that...little. Too little. If they were double the size, it might be easier to sweep across your screen. Instead it gets caught up in your fingers as you swipe.

One thing it does well is no small task…it cleans up all those gross fingerprints, oils and dirt. And a savior in this extended flu season, it also kill 98% of germs and bacteria including E. Coli, staph and salmonella bacteria.

But with cookie dough, you’re on your own.

GoSwype cleansing cloths are available for $1.99 at goswype.com.

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