Feeding Bracelet Keeps Moms Sane


I tried to keep a log of my daughter's nursing schedule. In part to allay any fears that she wasn't getting enough to eat, in part to try to create some order in my life. Well, the chart soon went the way of the dinosaurs as I got busy with other things like cleaning up poop and baby barf.

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Two crafty moms in Sunnyside Queens came up with a clever idea to make tracking feeding times a little easier--the nursing bracelet. I found the bracelet through Go Baby, a genius little site for parents who are on the move. The nursing bracelet is fashioned out of pink and clear beads with silver accents and a moveable charm--very fashion friendly. Beaded into the design are numbers to help moms keep track of how many feeding sessions (or bottles) the baby has had per day. Simply move the charm to the correct number to mark the feeding session (god forbid you hit #11). I like any system that is no fail and fashion-friendly. ($29) The memory wire allows moms to move the bracelet from wrist to wrist with ease and the bracelet is comfortable and lightweight.

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