Elegant Elephant Dress Up

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Don't you love the way books build the imagination! What's the first thing my daughter does when she gets home from preschool? Races to her dress up bins and puts on a costume. Sure she loves the standard princess outfits, but she also fancies her Elephant Mask and Cape from Zid Zid. ($49)

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Zid Zid is a Moroccan company and they pride themselves on their craftsmanship. Their creations are vibrant and sturdy--perfect for make believe games inspired by books. When so many other toys had gender identification, I appreciate that these cape sets (four in all) appeal to boys and girls. After all, who doesn't love an elephant?

The blue side of the cape has multicolored sunbursts that coordinate with the elephant mask. The revers side has a large star and is ideal for super hero play. Cape measures approximately 21'? by 28'? 100% Cotton. See the full line of animal capes and masks from Zid Zid at Kirnazabete.com.

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