Daddy Scrubs Review

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When my husband hears the word '??scrubs,'? he usually worries that he's about to get busted for not cleaning the lasagna pan to my standards. Or he thinks of the show I watch strictly because of my Zach Braff crush. Either way, he's not interested.

In this case, scrubbing could actually translate to lounging around. Let me explain.

There are two schools of daddy. The ones who are about to become a father. And those who have already been through it all (or so they will tell you). Daddy Scrubs are a great Father's Day gift for either daddy in your life. This well-made poly/cotton blend top and drawstring pants combo offer a great alternative to sweats or PJs.

For the daddy-to-be, it'??s a great pre-delivery gift that gives him a little more presence in the hospital. Maybe a pat on the back too. Tucked into the overnight bag, next to all of mom's stuff, and dad has comfy alternative to jeans and a T-shirt or his not-ready-for-public PJs. With a big giant '??I'??m the Daddy'? on the back, he'??ll even feel more of a part of the delivery. (Everyone knows the mom'?¦but what about the dad?)

For been-there-done-that dads, the lounging possibilities are endless. Although wearing them together isn'??t advisable (unless he'??s channeling his inner McDreamy and succeeding), but he could definitely pair the V-neck top with jeans or the bottoms with a T for just hanging around the house.

The scrubs are available at for $39.95 and come in Navy Seal Blue, Hunter Green and Killer Khaki'?¦colors that might evoke their tough guy. They also have ultra-comfy t-shirts and hoodies, mugs, and hats.

A nice comfortable choice for all the fathers. But this house, even if hubs is wearing his scrubs, the lasagna pan had better sparkle.

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines, as well as her own was not paid for this post. We did get samples.

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