Crayola Chalk Creations

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Warmer weather means fun outdoor toys and we've had the pleasure of testing some of the new creations from Crayola. While the 3D chalk was a miss, we're nuts about the spinning set we got to test. So let's take a look at Crayola's new and exciting chalk creations!

Kids will love to express themselves outdoors with Crayola's Spira-Chalk Blaster. The kit comes with 2 spinners, chalk, a sharpener, and a spinner-release. Wind it up watch the magic. As the toy spirals it creates a beautiful design. Testers Note: Make sure you are in an area with a flat surface---cracks in the sidewalk prevent the spinner from traveling.

The 3-Dchalk, while still fun to play with, isn't all it's cracked up to be. The glasses that come with the chalk might entertain momentarily, but the effects are not as popping as they appear to be in advertisements. The colors are vibrant, however, the patience required to create a design worth using the glasses is far too great. Children love chalk, so it's not like you lose out if you decide to give it a try. But be warned: You might be the one experimenting with the 3D effects while your little one is releasing the chalk spinners.

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