Cozy Bear Friend From Bass Pro Shops


This isn't a normal shop for me to peruse (I'm not much of an angler), but I was intrigued when I saw a press release from Bass Pro Shops about their holiday gifts. One kids item in particular "bears" mentioning (sorry about the pun but I just had to squeeze it in)--the plush bear rug.

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My daughter was thrilled when this large box arrived. Don't worry, once unpacked the fuzzy guest didn't take up much space. Once unrolled, he makes a cozy 53" x 57" area perfect for a toddler to cuddle up for story time or a quick nap. The face is sweet--not ferocious--and the bear's head makes an excellent pillow.

The synthetic rug is soft and easy to clean. And the dark brown color hides dirt quite effectively. When not in use, the rug rolls into a compact ball and can be stored in the original plastic sack (with handles). $49.95

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Just goes to show that sometimes the best gifts come in unexpected places.

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