Bendaroos for the Craft-Challenged Mom

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I like to draw and I have been known to do needlework, but dreaming up craft projects for the kiddies is a tough one for me. I get inspired from sites and magazines, but rarely coordinate all the pieces to see a project through...that's why I think Bendaroos (warning: this link is loud) are ideal for the craft-challenged parent.

Bendaroos are reusable building sticks, made from colored string coated with a special wax, that adhere to virtually everything. BUT unlike Play Doh, paint and clay, Bendaroos don't leave debris. Ideal for crafters age 3 and up, these colorful sticks are perfect for travel or bringing along in the car. No set up is required; simply pull apart the sticks then press them together to create food, figures, animals, scenes and more. This morning after breakfast we made a snail and butterfly--no set up, no clean up, just open the pack and start bending--PERFECT!

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Bendaroosjust kicked off a '??Create Your Dream'? contest. The contest challenges children to build, twist and transform Bendaroos flexible building sticks into an art form depicting their dream. The three children who design the winning entries will receive a $500 American Express gift card and a chance for their creation to be featured in an upcoming Bendaroos TV ad (we can only hope it will be less annoying than the one on their website).

To enter the contest, log onto, click an age category and then upload an image of your creation. Contest ends September, 30, 2009. For more information visit

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Here are a few sets to get your crafters started Bendaroos Mega Set ($19.99 for 500 Pieces)or Bendaroos Set - Ocean Creatures ($9.99)

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