BabyBjorn and Bugaboo Product Recalls


I'm sad to report that one of our favorite things, the BabyBjorn Babysitter (a swell bouncy seat for baby) has a voluntary recall in the works. I did a blog post about it here on You can see all the detail here.

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I am also happy to say my exhaustive review on lightweight strollers is now up on Babble too. This one was quite a doozy. I spent HOURS testing and strolling in Brooklyn. Wouldn't you know it! One of my favorites there also had a recall--the Bugaboo Bee. (Click here for the recall info.) Am I cursed?

It is reassuring to see the both Bugaboo and BabySwede respond quickly to the customer/safety issues, but I wonder how these things slip through tests in the first place.

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