Baby Proofing Tables

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Spending family time in the kitchen means having your kids join you as you cook. For our young family, that means baby-proofing. We push the knives out of reach and have breakables in a secured cabinet. Pots, pans, storage containers, etc. are free game. Beyond these simple measures, I've addedRhoost Edge Protectors.

Our kids race around the kitchen in dress-up or dancing to the latest tunes. Often with little regard to their heads. Counters and tables are at the PERFECT height for bashing little brains. Being the "less is more" parent that I am, I mostly hoped they would learn not to bonk into things. But girl #2 is going to luck out and not have to learn from experience.

We're giving her some protection from a new set of Rhoost Edge Protectors that I am testing out. Unlike regular corner protectors that use adhesive (and from my experience, adhesive always comes unglued over time) to attache to your counter, the Rhoost system uses a stretchy tab. The Edge ideally fits surfaces ½ to 2.0 inches thick. They are relatively easy to get on and off, so once your kids grow tall enough to not impale themselves on the corners you can pass your Rhoost along.

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Pick from three colors (black, plum and brown). Buy Rhoost on Amazon $14.99 for a 4-pack.

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