An Innovative Tool-Kit for Working Mothers


Being a working mom is rewarding in numerous ways but can also be very challenging and stressful. One way to stay ahead of both your duties at work and your role at home is to stay organized. Momtrends recently learned about an innovative product created by Danielle Novi Heller, a working mom of two, called Smart Solutions '?? Toolkit for Working Mothers to help busy mamas get it together and stay on-top of planning for both worlds.

Heller created this exciting toolkit after she returned back to work with her first child and found the transition as well as trying to balance both worlds overwhelming and difficult. With the input from other working mothers and professionals, she created Smart Solutions to help her get the most of out of her family and work life. According to Heller, '??With these resources, I remained a highly productive employee and was also able to decrease my stress level, which ultimately made me a better mother.'?

Each kit, available for $39.95, features 18 sanity saving elements such as '??how-to'? planners, an infant chocking/CPR magnet, an immunization record, a menu planner and shopping list, and a log to chart your baby'??s nap, diaper changes, and feeding schedule for your care giver when you have to return to work.

As an all-in-one guide, the kit includes six categories for preparing and planning such as Health and Safety, Child Care, Working Mother Preparation, Organizational Tools, Alternative Work Schedule and Breastfeeding Mothers. I really loved the Working Mother Preparation templates that included fantastic guides and tips to help charter the course for maternity leave. Since I am currently getting ready for my leave I really enjoyed using the countdown to maternity leave guide that charters pregnancy for the entire 9 months including tips for how to deal with nausea and back pain at work to when to break the news to your boss. There is also an excellent maternity leave confirmation template, a formal letterhead where you can fill out your anticipated last day of week and when you are expected to return to work. This is great since everything is writing and no guesswork is involved when you have to return to work. There is also a proposal for pumping document, which outlines that breastfeeding moms need a private room, chair and electrical outlets as well lists the benefits of breastfeeding '?? providing a concise guide for an employer to understand why it is so important for a mom returning to work. I am also excited to use the helpful child care/nanny interviewing forms and reference check forms, which includes detailed questions to ask about licensing or training, years of experience, their approach to discipline, and how they handle certain developmental needs.

As a working mom-on-the go I can always use a little help in organizing my home and work life. Although that can be difficult, it'??s nice to have an all-in-one toolkit to help me better balance these two worlds.

All of the forms for each section come on a CD, which are formatted into PDF'??s and WORD docs - making them easy to store and re-use. For additional information, please visit:

Serena Norr is a NYC-based writer/editor, soup-maker, and more importantly, a mama. You can read more soup recipes on her blog: MomTrends was not paid for this post. We were given a product to review.

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