AG bella's Graphic Tees are Winners

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Some friends of mine are incredibly hard to shop for. You know the type--they've got their children's wardrobes mapped out for the new two years. Well, even your pals with the most finicky tastes won't be able to resist adding AG bella's kiddie t-shirts to the mix.

What makes these tees stand out from the crowd? The artwork pops, the colors are vibrant and the designs are whimsical without the slightest hint of tackiness. AG bella relies on hand sewing all their designs on to the tees (rather than silk screening) for a more polished finished product.

AG bella offers a variety of soft cotton tees and comfy yoga-style pants adorned with zodiac signs and fun expressions ("Worth the Wait"). I adore my daughter's AG bella "Cancer" short-sleeved bodysuit. Available in black or white the tee shirt features a snap-happy baby crab ($22). Sizes run from newborn to 24 months.

The next time you're stumped for a baby or birthday gift, check out AG bella's inventive offerings and know your gift will be well received.

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