Yoga Inspired Birthing Classes

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Mala Yoga is hosting a series of birthing classes focusing on preparing women for the physical opening and mental letting go that must occur during labor and birth. Kristen Bower shares her expertise as a labor & delivery nurse, as well as a prenatal yoga teacher, on topics such as what to expect during early & active labor, pain management options, and many more.

General topics include:
• What to expect of early and active labor
• Nutrition and hydration during labor
• What to expect of pushing (normal progress, optimal positions, protecting the pelvic floor)
• Pain coping (non-pharmacological, movement, breathwork, hydrotherapy, massage, positioning), pain medications
• Navigating interventions (how to get more information, the kinds of questions to ask in the moment)
• Cesarean birth
• Breastfeeding basics and maternal recovery

Appropriate both for families planning an unmedicated birth, and those considering or planning for an epidural. Classes are intended for couples, however single mothers are welcome and they can bring whoever will be supporting them during labor.

Birthing Classes To Empower Conscious Childbirth

with: Kristen Bower

when: 3 Saturdays in April (10th, 17th, 24th)

time: 4:00pm – 8:00pm

cost: $325 for all 3 classes paid in full by April 1 / $350 for all 3 classes paid for after April 1.

Mala Yoga 

162 Court Street

718-237-YOGA (9642)

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