Running Safety for Women

Admit it. You've probably been out on a run or bike without ID on you. I know I've done it and it's a risky move. We're here to remind you of some basic running safety tips for women (and girls) and offer a new product to keep you safer.

Running Safety for Women

Let's start with the basics 

  1. Try to run during daylight in areas with some foot traffic. 
  2. Don't run with headphones in. You needs your wits about you.
  3. Run with a partner if you can.
  4. Wear bright colors so cars can see you.

What About ID when you Run?

Most days, I tuck an old expired driver's license in my pocket when ever I head out on a solo run, bike or hike. If I'm injured I want to make sure the emergency workers can get word to Mr. Momtrends and quickly access my medical records. 

My beat-up license also requires a pocket--not something I always have on all my workout gear. Plus, if I were injured, the person who finds me might not check pockets. A better bet is this id from ($20) that slips on your ankle. 

This visible and kind of cute tag is a smarter solution.

The Ankle ID is constructed of lightweight, flexible neoprene. The Ankle ID is laser engraved with your emergency contact information (they also make a shoe ID and a wrist ID). The closure system is Velcro and is fully adjustable so that one size fits all and it comes with a 3M reflective stripe for all you nighttime runners.

There's a spot for contact numbers and an address, plus any medical information that is urgent (allergies for instance). Moms we want fitness to be fun and inspiring, let's just make sure it's safe too. Check it out at

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