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Pimple Princess, Pregnant Unicorn

Pamela Pekerman hosts Accessorize for the Holidays 2012

The premise for this column is to lay claim to the fact that I, as most women, am not a pregnant unicorn, that mythical creature that has little to no typical side effects of carrying a baby, whose skin stays perfect and who feels no pain in her feet or loss of balance while walking in heels. However, be not mistake. Just because I am not pregnant unicorn, does not give me the license to surrender.

I don't care if you are pregnant, post-menopausal or PMSing; you always need to look your best and take care of yourself. It's not easy, but it's your job. If you want to feel good about yourself (not an easy task when you'??re legs are swelling up, your body is morphing, and your hormones are out of control) you need to be your best you.

Earlier this month, I hosted my annual Accessorize for the Holidays soiree for 30 fabulous media and fashion influencers. Nicole Feliciano of MomTrends was among the guests. That morning, I cried hysterically to my husband because I woke up with more pimples than I had the previous night. I cried so hard, I gave myself a headache!

I've had near-flawless skin my whole life, thanks in part to good grooming practices and the occasional facial. Pregnancy hormones have done a number on my face, chest and upper back. That morning it was the face that was causing anxiety. But, did I surrender? Absafrekinlootly not!

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I spent 20 minutes with my bag of tricks (Kanebo Sensai Collection Fluid Finish Lasting Velvet, Physician Formula Healthy Glow Bronzer, MAC Pink Swoon Blush) painting Mars, aka my face. Then, I put on my smile, got into the car and drove to the venue where I was greeted by a makeup artist. It might sound odd to go through all that trouble just to have a professional work their magic, but it's not. Even when you'??re in a car and then just have a two-block walk to your final destination, you need to maintain your beauty. I would have felt like crap walking into my own event to meet my team, if I wasn't wearing a little bit of rouge and a cute outfit.

Pimple Cover Up Tools

If we can't be the unicorn, we sure as hell can fake it! No excuses, ladies. Always be your best you --even when it's you and a half.

Do you practice what I preach? Let me hear how you overcame pregnancy drama with style and a smile.

Pamela Pekerman is a style expert, host and TV correspondent, who lives in New York with her husband, an extensive shoe/bag closet and a pending-to-be-designed baby room. Her personal motto is that looking good makes you feel good, so despite not being a Pregnant Unicorn, she always putting her best face and heel forward.

Momtrends was not paid for this post and no unicorns were hurt in the process.

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