Diaper Station in the Nursery

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Do the math. The average newborn will require 10-12 changes per day. Let's say 11 is the average. That's 77 per week or 924 in the first dozen weeks. What's your game plan to tackle this project?

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My favorite diaper accessory (oh, has it come to this...four years ago my favorite accessories came from Gucci) is the excellent diaper caddy from JJCole (see above). This is an essential item for any multi-level home. Here's the deal: you've got a rancid diaper and the changing table is upstairs but your second kid--a toddler--is downstairs. This caddy allows you to take care of business in a jiffy. The clever design holds everything you need: changing pad (included with the caddy), wipes, diapers, creams and other lotions and potions. Plus it looks great. Three color choices. $29.99

If you've got a big space a dedicated changing table is the way to go. It's the ergonomically sound way to save your back from this grueling job. When I researched tables for Babble.com last year, I picked the Celery Changing Table. It's eye-catching and easy to assemble and converts to nifty bookcase. $815

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If you've decided to use a dresser as a changing table, you'll need a contoured changing pad to place on top of the dresser. $34.99 Then I like the idea of adding a cute diaper stacker (Amazon.com has over 500 to chose from!). The NoJo stacker in Venice print is a winner. $24.99

Finally one last reminder: Don't forget your diapers. New moms will need a case of newborns and a case of size 1 to get started. Have them shipped next day (free on most orders) from diapers.com. Enter code: Momtrends on your first order to receive $5 off.

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