Childbirth Classes at Yummy Mummy

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Starting on March 30th Birth Day Presence, (BDP) will officially begin teaching their renowned 6 week childbirth classes at Yummy Mummy, the Upper East Side’s one stop shop for breastfeeding mothers.

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BDP Childbirth Classes are a blend of the best parts of the most popular childbirth methods, plus the owners’ extensive experience in the field. BDP believes that birth is a normal process and inspires confidence in the couples they teach. They prepare families to know what possible things to expect, to help them develop skills to move through their labors, and to help them feel prepared to work through whatever their journey turns out to be.

Their classes specifically cover gestation and anatomy, signs and stages of labor, pain management techniques, birth plans, pain medication options, risks and benefits of common interventions, cesarean birth and prevention, and postpartum health.

Yummy Mummy

1201 Lexington Ave. btwn 81st & 82nd Sts




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