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We've all heard the wives tale that pregnant women glow. That may be the case for some, others of us need a little help with our skin during the 40 weeks of pregnancy. I talked to Heather Ledeboer, owner of Mom 4 Life, about some of her favorite skin care products. This mother of two, has made it her mission to search out the very best items for moms to carry on her website.

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"I strongly encourage you to educate yourself on the correlation between what you put on your skin and the effects that it may have on you and your baby," says the momtrepeneur. "We often don'??t realize how porous our skin actually is and therefore don'??t always realize how careful we should be with what we put on it."

Ledeboer has several links on her site and recommends readers check out More than Skin Deep on her blog. She encourages moms-to-be to look for a line of skin care products that focuses on the effects that skin care has on your body and your unborn baby.

One of her favorite brands is Belli Skin Care. She picked Belli because of the way they focus on the ingredients in their products and meet the needs of moms. Belli was launched by Annette Rubin (a mom with 17 years of experience in the cosmetics industry), and offers a full assortment of skincare for during and after your pregnancy. For dark splotchy areas on the face, (a problem for about 70% of pregnant women), Belli's Anti-Chloasma Facial Sunscreen SPF 25 is an example of a safe bet in combating this skin problem when pregnant. $24

As for this new mom, I've got two picks to add:

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