How to Throw an Ice Cream Themed Party


I love ice cream. Who doesn't? Since it's National Ice Cream Month, I treated my friends to home made desserts and the pleasure being outside. By adding some whimsical decorations and even crafting a few myself, my backyard became a pretty summer soiree. You might think elephants are out of place on my table, but if you've seen Sri Lankan elephants eating popsicles, you'll totally understand why I had to include them here.

ice cream party
ice cream party elephants and decorations

The first thing I did was make the ice cream. Cuisinart sent me a fabulous new ice cream maker. Why is this so amazing? Because the unique design of the paddle, it allows you to create delicious desserts made entirely of fruit. Pineapple treats? Banana cream? Absolutely.

If you want to keep it simple, here is the easiest recipe for ice cream ever:

ice cream maker


  • One package of strawberries, hulled
  • One package of raspberries
  • 3/4 cup of sugar

Place both berries in a sauce pot and set on medium heat. Allow the berries to cook and slowly add in the sugar. Stir it occasionally and don't let it burn. The consistency should start to be jam like. Then add it into the frozen bowl and start churning.

cute ice cream decorations

I believe that a great party is made from the little details. These cups begged me to decorate them so I put in cute picks. These spoons have been in my family for decades and I loved sharing them with my guests. I placed festive napkins on a cake tray to add some height and I had my elephant friend keep them from blowing away.

elephants and napkins

Every good soiree deserves a take away. Since it is all dessert oriented, I gathered a few little goodies like earrings, lollipops I quickly turned into ice cream cones, a great keychain (that's scented!), and a sweet smelling bath bomb. And of course, everyone got to take home an elephant buddy.

ice cream goody bags

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