Goody Bag Ideas

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A birthday party isn't complete without a goody bag. Sadly, the goody bag loot is often only fit for the garbage pail. I say fill the sack with fewer items, but make them worthwhile. Some of my favorite goodies...

Fizzy Tints bath tablets from Alex Toys. Whenever I hear groaning about bath time, I toss in a couple tablets to turn the bath water red, blue or green. Works like a charm. But them in 3 packs for about $1 dollar a pack at your local toy shop.

Pustefix Soap Bubbles. Tiny bubble toys from Germany. Are they expensive? Yep. Do they make heaps of bubbles? Yep.

Jet Fire Balsa Glider.I remember these from my childhood and they still captivate the kiddies. I last saw one in action at a Hampton's b-day bash. There were tons of other toys, but what did the kids (and dads) want to play with? This $2 airplane.

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