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Want a no-fail birthday gift that requires no batteries just kid-power? Visit the Three Little Goblins Etsy Shop. These hand crafted capes appeal to boys, girls, superheros and divas. Basically anyone with a lively imagination.

My sister-in-law gifted the girls with these last Christmas and we adore them. The capes come on trips and serve as blankets in the car/plane and then dress-up toys when we arrive. Pick from an array of fabrics (plenty of Disney princesses and jet fighters). The Etsy shop allows you to pick and choose to get a perfect gift.

Here's what it says about the 16" cape with printed fabric (a steal at $17):

Mickey Mouse, Pirate, superhero, sports, Sponge Bob, cupcake, butterfly, princess, Disney Princess, Disney Cars, trains, cars, dance, dinosaurs, planes, these are just some you let me know if you think of something else and I will try to find it.

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Opt for printed or plain fabric, add an animal or letter (or both) and also pick the length. According to her Etsy shop, the crafter was out of commission for a bit, but appears to be taking orders again. My advice, email her right away with your holiday orders.

Three Little Goblins did not pay for this post.

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