Birthday Party Themes and Activities

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We've already talked about basic planning for your at home party. Now it's time to dream up how you are going to entertain the crew. I've put together a few ideas.

Pick a book and expand on the theme. For example, I've heard many moms take on the Harry Potter

theme. Abby at Steals and Deals devised a game of quidditch with brooms and balls to entertain her crew. For the ladies, Pinkalicious parties seem to be extremely popular. I googled the term and found pages of pictures. Inking Pink had the most divine cake, so I'm linking to her post to inspire you.

Picking up on the cupcake theme, a simpler way to go is to order a bunch of cookie cutters and plan a baking party. Each child can take home an apron and a kiddie rolling pin, plus baked cookies in the goody bag. I'm loving this apron I found on Etsy from Key2Life! You'll need to prepare the dough ahead of time and stash in the fridge in small portions and clear a good work space.

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Go green and make terrariums. Pink and Green Mom Blog has step by step instructions here.  I think she was super smart to liven up the creations with the additions of zebras! I think this activity is best suited t porches or rec-rooms where you can set out some newspaper or a drop cloth to contain the mess.

Enlist the help of older siblings to put on a puppet show. Creat your own theater with a huge cardboard box or splurge for the Alex Toys Play House Theatre. After the performance you can have the crew make paper bag puppets as a simple craft.

Pirate parties are always a hit. If you've got a yard, you are in business. Before the guests arrive, make a map and bury some treasure. Dress the kids up with eye patches and bandanas and let them search the yard. A Mom's Life had good clues.

Need more ideas? Momswhothink has a huge list of games.

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