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I was amazed at the talent I witnessed today while out trick or treating. There are many moms (and maybe dads) who can turn a tame tot into a scary tiger or a beautiful princess.

Why not use these talents at the next birthday bash? Snazaroo has a great variety of face-painting kits for beginners (that's me) all the way to professional sets.14-color wheels start at $24.99 and pro kits start at $250. Kits come with plenty of inspirational ideas and diagrams. To test the kits, I spent a sunny September day painting my daughter and two of her pals. They jumped in and out of the pool to give me a fresh canvas to practice on. It was great fun and cheap entertainment.

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Before the strike of midnight, here are my last ideas on the theme of birthday parties.

  • Give tattoos in goody bags. Buy them in bulk at Oriental Trading
  • Have you child decorate colored lunch bags with stickers and skip the pricier goody bags.

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