Birthday Party Favors for Kids

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Why not rethink the cheap-O goody bag filled with China-made toys and candy? How about a homemade treasure or ONE special item. I spoke to my friend, Tracyn Thayer, owner of Kids Travel Happy to get some ideas for birthday goodies.

I simply love the Sarah's Silks collection that she suggested. She sent me a magical wand so I could see the quality. The Magical Wand ($11.95) was just what I was after--a toy that would live on long after the last cupcake had been consumed. The wand is made of a silk unicorn with flowing ribbons on a wooden stick. I know my girls would flip for this. Yes, it is pricier than a bag of junk, but it has staying power and is environmentally sounder. Boys would go in for the dragon version.

Tracyn's site has an astounding collection of dress up items. Maybe a crown or cape will catch your eye. If the party is princess themed, you know the fitting gift will be treasures.

And if you insist on the traditional route of small gifts, Tracyn's got you covered too. She offers a mini-activity set for $9.99. She'll guarantee you four items in the kit and will even do a bit of personalization.

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