For over a decade, providing customized social, digital and live media services to help grow your brand! 


Influencer Outreach Final

We specialize in influencer outreach! With a network of over 2,000 influencers, we can match the right influencers with your brand message. Our goal is to create engaging content that looks like editorial. We work with brands to deliver a message that resonates with the audience using original photography and custom story-telling. Programs range from as small as 5 to as large as 100 influencers.

Influencers interested in working with us, please complete the survey HERE to be added to our database. Feel free to contact with any questions.  


Events final

For the past 11 years Momtrends has connected top lifestyle brands with our influencer network to generate brand awareness and consumer engagement through live experiences. We work with your brand to create highly customized activations that place your product in the hands of influencers, establish key blogger to brand relationships and amplify key messaging. From product launches, evening soirees, brand showcases and feature presentations to fashion shows, in-store promotions, culinary creations, intimate breakfasts and travel destinations, Momtrends influencer events have a proven track record of executing unique social experiences for thousands of brands. Check out the full events PORTFOLIO here.  Contact: 


  • Ski Event | January 10-12 | Stratton, VT
  • Sleep Away Camp Expo | May 19 | NYC
  • Influencer Getaway | April | Mexico
  • Back to School Bash | July 21 | NYC
  • Holiday Soiree | November 10 | NYC
  • Exclusive Brand Events | Customized Year Round

Event Testimonials

"So glad we got to work together – the event was flawless and the clients were thrilled. We will definitely keep Momtrends in mind for future events!" Lysol

"We love teaming up with MomTrends on their influencer events! They plan sophisticated, trendy and stunning events and always curate a quality guest list of the most influential mamas in the City. The MomTrends team works with each brand on a custom experience to ensure we are presented with our best foot forward. They really inspire innovation and creativity, and support us in every detail along the way. The MomTrends team hustles to make sure we get valuable coverage from their influencer partners, and package it all up in a thorough report. As a long time sponsor, we look forward to continuing to build our brand and reach our consumers with MomTrends influencers." Mabels Labels

"Back in 2017, we discovered Momtrends through a Google search result that listed the most influential mom bloggers. We are forever grateful we found that list! We have hosted the Momtrends team here at Woodloch a number of times, and they have organized and hosted an influencer event in New York City for us. Professional, personable, organized, and always at the top of their game . . . we know that we are in the absolute best hands with Momtrends! They have truly been an invaluable resource as we grow our influencer marketing outreach. With their assistance, Woodloch’s brand awareness has grown immensely, gaining us media attention in top family publications and websites. We can’t say enough wonderful things about the work they’ve done for us. Thank you, Momtrends, for everything you do!" Woodloch Resort


Social Media campaign final

From Twitter Parties generating over 40M impressions to Facebook Lives to Instagram takeovers, we create campaigns that not only deliver results for our clients, but also drive engagement. With over a decade in influencer marketing, our team can provide the best platform to generate the right call-to-action for your brand or service. Contact:


Sponsored Content Final

Our goal is to create engaging content that looks like editorial. We work with brands to deliver a message that resonates with the audience using original photography and custom story-telling. The content is amplified across our social media channels to generate additional excitement and engagement about the brand or service.

Be included in one of our unique offerings including our 6th annual virtual Ultimate Baby Shower or our 4th annual Ski


Video Content  final

Our videos bring your brand to life in a unique way. We help tell a story about the product or simply show the audience how-to use it or why it's a must-have. 

Don't miss out on our Summer Camp Packing Video! Whether it’s day camp or sleepaway, Momtrends has you covered with what you need and what your kids really want. Contact:


Giveaway final

We host giveaways to generate awareness and excitement for our brand partners. Our team expertly crafts each giveaway to be relevant to our audience while weaving in key brand messaging. Giveaways are a fun way to increase your social media following and create buzz around your brand or service. Contact: 

2020 Giveaways: 

January - New Year, New You

February - Valentine's Day

March - Spring Has Sprung 

April/May - Mother's Day

June - Summer Essentials

July/August - Back to School

September - Fall Trends

October - Halloween

November - Ultimate Gift Guide 

December - Last Minute Gifts


Ambassador final

Our team of editors are available for spokesperson roles, TV appearances, SMT's, event attendance, keynote and panel participation. 


Ski Guide 2018-2019

Ski Guide 2018-2019

No one covers the ski industry like Momtrends! Our CEO is passionate about snowsports and dedicates countless features to covering winter sports and travel. In 2014, we launched our first Digital Family Ski Guide a comprehensive resource for families planning ski vacations. Since then we've added a yearly influencer ski weekend and destination getaways. Programs range from as small as 3 to as large as 100 influencers.


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