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                             Family Ski and Snowboard Guide

Our family calls the Mad River Valley our ski home for the winter. This will be the second year we’ve chosen Vermont to make the bulk of our winter memories. The Green Mountain State is often overlooked. While it may not have a huge population (with just over 600,000 residents) it offers families a treasure trove of winter playgrounds.

Vermont has 20 alpine ski areas and 30 cross-country skiing resorts. My goal this year is to share as many of them as possible with other snow loving families. On a powder day you can find me in the trees at Sugarbush, on busy holiday weekends look for me at Mad River Glen and when the weather calls for a “wintery mix” I might be cozied up at on of Vermont’s many inns working a puzzle with my kids. I hope you’ll join me this year and plan a weekend or a winter in this quirky and wonderful state.

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