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Winter Traveling Made Easy with Amy Tara Koch

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Traveling evokes feelings of relaxing as you explore a new place and get away from it all. Placing kids into the mix and the idea of traveling can make your blissful voyage anything but. Not so says Amy Tara Koch, trend reporter NBC and author of the popular pregnancy style book '??Bump It Up: Transform Your Pregnancy into the Ultimate Style Statement. In a recent interview Koch shared her secrets and clever tips on to how to make traveling easier such as how to pack healthy meals to the best devices to keep kids happy on a plane to how to get kids to nap on vacation. Along with some patience, preparation and wise packing, Koch's tips will make a vacation a dream come through effortlessly.

Some of Amy Tara Koch's traveling tips and tricks:

Keep it at The Ready: Mom Must Haves:
The name of the travel game is to be prepared for every situation: delays, congestion, stains and bad behavior. These products are genius to stave off to stave of mid-air crises. For babies, always have multiuse pads, pacifier for the trip.

Reality: Kids always spill. Tide To Go minis are mama'??s little helper. The size of a lipstick, (but with the force of a washing machine) Tide To Go instantly removes stains like food and drink stains from clothing. The $35 Duracell myGrid USB Charger is that extra power source for for emergency charging of devices like smartphones, e-readers, MP3 players and electronic games. Travel means bending the rules. Always have Bribery/forbidden foods to squelch explosive situations (gummies, Chocolate, Lollipops) . Your seat mates will thank you.

Keep it Healthy: Medicine Chest in the Sky:
Anticipation will nip most high in the sky dramas in the bud. Have Band aids, Air Pressure Discomfort Ear Plugs, Benadryl, Infant pain reliever drops packed and ready

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Keep Them Fed: Snacks/Meals On-The-Go:
Unless you want to fall victim to lousy airport food and high priced hotel breakfasts, stock your carry on and suitcase with snacks and breakfast options like granola bars, trail mix and instant cereal. Prepare for two hours'?? worth of delays! One of my favorite easy-to '??transport items is Cream of Wheat Cinnabon single serve packets. It has miraculously fused the big flavor of junk food with high nutritional value. The 100-calorie packets contains no fat and are excellent source of Vitamin D, calcium and iron. They have a coupon on line.

Keep Them Busy: Best Toys/Gadgets:
Sitting quietly for hours is tough. Even for adults. Engaged kids are well behaved kids so I recommend Interactive games'??Vtech Princess Magical Learn and Go ($14.99), a portable dvd player, Leap Frog Leapster Explorer to keep everyone occupied. When batteries run out'??and they always do-have extra juice (power, that is!) Duracell's myGrid USB Charger ($24.99) offers 100 hours of backup power to anything that can be connected with a USB cable. Leap Frog Leapster Explorer, $74.99 and VTECH Princess Magical Learn N Go, $16.99 at TOYS r US

Keep it Organized 
A mom'??s bag is likened to a black hole. We reach in and anything can come out. Except what you are looking for. To stay organized,a moms BFF are snack holder for The Bumble Collection, pish posh mom carry alls, Munchkin snack holders, and, of course, ziplocks. I also love the Bumble by The Bumble Collection Small Snack Bag, $15.99 and the Pish Posh diaper bag organizer, $44.99:

Keep Them Clean: Cootie Patrol 
To defend your family from the brazen germs lurking on every surface, build your anti-cootie arsenal with Wet Ones Hands & Face Antibacterial Wipes and the Bug Off Chair Cover, $29.99.

To learn more about Amy Tara Koch and her fabulous style book, please visit: Bump It Up
And be sure to join the MomsFashionFile twitter party with Amy Tara Kock on January 19th, follow #MFF.

Serena Norr is a NYC-based writer/editor, soup-maker, and more importantly, a mama. You can read more soup recipes on her blog: This is a sponsored post--we're working with Amy Tara to help promote her book.

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