Review: Belly Dance Fitness-The ABCs of Belly Dancing

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With 2011 starting and '??get in shape'? resolutions in full swing, what better way to begin a new fitness kick than with a new fitness routine?

Since I love to shake my groove thang to any tune'??rock, house, hip hop, techno'??I thought a belly dancing DVD sounded like a great way to get in shape. Who doesn'??t admire (or secretly want to be) those lovely belly dancing ladies? Flat stomachs, toned arms, sign me up!

So I gave Belly Dance Fitness'??The ABCs of Belly Dancing DVD a twirl (minus the scarf, of course). This program, hosted by internationally known belly dancer Amira Mor, promised to teach you the age-old techniques of belly dancing while toning your body. It also said it would '??set the spirit free,'? but I was ready to just settle for a flatter stomach.

There'??s one thing that the DVD does well'?¦it teaches you the basic movements of belly dancing. They'??re taught in a slow, controlled fashion, so even those challenged in the art of coordination can follow along. Once you get past the '??home video'? feel, Amira is even nice to listen to.

That'??s where the good experience with this DVD ends. The disjointed flow of the position explanations (broken up by an invasive narrator) made it difficult to create a rhythmic series of movement all at once. The result? You never raise your heart rate. I also was hoping for some application of the movements together, but instead I got a mish mash cheesy ending, with a three-minute '??let'??s all dance together'? Amira and her dancers twirling all over the place.

You'??ll never get a true workout out of Belly Dance Fitness DVD. But I will say that it would be a fantastic lesson to watch before taking an actual fitness belly dancing class. You'??ll get the basic principles, and soon the ABCs of belly dancing will be as easy as 1-2-3.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get a DVD to test.

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